Starting the journey: Our first day

Yeah, the first day on our Rails Girls Summer of Code journey is almost over. And this is what we’ve done today:

We started with a picture of our coaches Jan and Sebastian at Asquera. 🙂

Our Coaches Jan and Sebastian

Our Coaches Jan and Sebastian

Then we talked about the first project, we will be working on for the next three weeks.
We brainstormed the tasks and make it visual, we created our very first Scrum Board. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Our Scrum Board

Our first Scrum Board

We contacted the Padrino Team to say hello and ask about all the things we shall consider while building a documentation website for the framework.

We identified some technologies we have to learn before getting down to work, like Middleman, Bootstrap/Foundation, Vagrant, Git.

We also decided on the general structure of our work:

  • Doing a daily Stand-Up meeting
  • Weekly planning meeting every Monday
  • Review meeting every Friday
  • Recording our podcast every Friday

We set up an SoundCloud account for our weekly podcasts and SoundCloud directly upgraded it to Pro Unlimited!!! Thank you <3

What Ute says:

It was a great day but overwhelming at the same time. So many things to do and to learn! Finding a way to work together.
It’s easy to get lost in details, if every 5 minutes another topic occurs. And this can be too much for the first day. So it’s better to step back and write the new occured technology down on our bucket list. Creating the Scrum board helped me a lot to stay focused.
We have enough time to learn all the things.

What Magda says:

Wow, it’s 6PM already, the time went by really fast.
Today was a ’setting it all up day‘ and with our Scrum Board behind by back I feel there will be time to take care of all of listed tasks and ideas. It’s really good to have it; it would have been too much, to keep it all only in mind. Still, my head is full 🙂 I’m looking forward to tomorrow, to set up and learn some new tools, we will be using.

What a Thursday

Secret jedi Super Power of the Week

Secret jedi Super Power of the Week

Last Thursday we were invited to visit the new office of our coaching company SponsorPay. We had some very nice pizza and talked about the logistics for our first day there (that will be next Wedndesday). This is all so exciting! The office is pretty big and all people we met were very friendly.
So let’s see how our first day there will be… <3

In the evenig there was the monthly Ruby User Group Rug:B. This time hosted by Soundcloud in their new office (seems that a lot of companies are moving these days. Asquera will also move in other rooms at the beginning of August.). We liked the place a lot. And so did a LOT of other Rubyists.
We had some pizza (again) that was also very delicious.
The talks were cool and we both realized that we are beginning to understand them way much better now. That’s cool!
Two of the talks were held by our mentor Bodo and supervisor Arne. Boys, we are so proud that you are our coaches. <3

Rails Girls Summer of Code BBQ at Dawanda

RG SoC BBQ at Dawanda

RG SoC BBQ at Dawanda

July is here! Just a few days until we finally make the first steps on the path of code padawans. We are so excited!
What can be better to go to a BBQ, meet other Rails Girls Summer of Code students and coaches and lots of lovely people…aaaaaand Linda Liukas in person (the super awesome woman who founded Rails Girls)? Yes, nothing could be better.
Good that Dawanda hosted a Kick-Off BBQ party for Rails Girls Summer of Code. (Unfortunately we took not so many pictures…) It was pretty nice, jummy food and drinks and lots of interesting conversations.

It seems that there are a LOT of developers who are very interested in using our documetation testing tool. That is pretty cool and we are happy to build something useful. But it also raises the pressure to be successful.
But we wouldn’t be real padawans if we would not accept this challenge. 🙂

First Kick-Off Meeting

SoC Kick-Off Meeting

Sebastian, Matthias, Kacpe, Magda, Arne, Bodo, Ute, Jan

On June 19th we had our first Kick-Off meeting with our coaches Jan, Sebastian and Kacper, our mentor Bodo, our supervisor Arne and Matthias who is currently wirting a book about Padrino.

We decided which tools we will use for work and how we will work at our coaching companies Asquera and SponsorPay.
So you can find our code on github. We will use Hipchat for group communication and Trello to organize all task that appear during our journey.
After we visiting a Scrum workshop organized by GeekGirlsCarrots we want to use Scrum during our projects. It’s a great opportinity to get some experiences.

This summer will be so awesome <3