Day 4 – Terminal Day

Today we did a lot of command line foo:

  • installing RVM and different Ruby versions, setting a Ruby version as the default by using RVM
  • saving files from the web on the computer by using the curl-command
  • displaying a file-tree in the terminal

Besides of that we played around with Middleman and realised, that there are no step-by-step tutorials for Middleman. This makes it more difficult to understand for a beginner, how all those files work together. Maybe we write such a tutorial, if we have some time left.
Finally, we set up a very basic static website using Middleman. Let’s see how it goes next week, once we start to code the padrino docu website…

After work we visited a Tech Open Air satelitte event: Agile Development And Music Production At Ableton
We met another Rails Girls coach and Rubymonster – Carla and the Scrum Master Celine, who gave the Scrum introduction workshop we took two weeks ago.

Agile Development And Music Production At Ableton

Agile Development And Music Production At Ableton

Most of the time we work together, but Ute did also today some additional stuff.

Ute's iTerm with oh-my-zsh and agnoster theme

Ute’s iTerm with oh-my-zsh and agnoster theme featuring her favorite colors 🙂

What Ute did today:

When I found out that I can install oh-my-zsh on my mac, I had to do that!
After reading some posts I changed my terminal settings from bash to zsh, installed oh-my-zsh and decided to use the agnoster theme, because it’s very nice. Unfortunately there was a problem with a broken glyph. So I had to do a bit more research on github until I could fix this problem by myself (what makes me really proud that I didn’t have to ask a coach).
Now my command line is pretty nice and in all my favorite colors. <3