Week 2 Day 2 – So this is a real world project

How our website looks like at the moment

How our website looks like at the moment

It’s the time to get used to working with github, github issues, branches and pull requests. We create now issues for features we want to implement, create a branch for each implementation and make a pull request once we are ready with it.
At first this workflow needs some exercise, but after making a few pull requests one gets used to it and, what’s most important, it makes work more transparent and organized.

Today we closed two issues:

  • Remove the .html file extension from the links in the sidebar menue.
  • Make some adjustments with text aligment and floating

As you can see, our simple website looks different now.

For the first issue, it was neccesary to understand how the class pathname works. you can remove the file extension by giving „.*“ to the method „basename“ as a parameter.

The second issue was fixed with the help of some CSS research (google).

In the afternoon we talked to Dario from the Padrino Core-Team about some technical details of the website and – as it happens to the real world projects all the time – we decided, for the time being, to postpone the project 1. (bulding a documentation website) and move to our second and bigger project – creating a documentation testing tool.

We also recorded our first podcast episode.

You can find us on SoundCloud.
Since this is our first podcast we’ve ever done, there are some things that could have went better. We will improve it next time around. As for now, we hope you still enjoy listening.

Starting the journey: Our first day

Yeah, the first day on our Rails Girls Summer of Code journey is almost over. And this is what we’ve done today:

We started with a picture of our coaches Jan and Sebastian at Asquera. 🙂

Our Coaches Jan and Sebastian

Our Coaches Jan and Sebastian

Then we talked about the first project, we will be working on for the next three weeks.
We brainstormed the tasks and make it visual, we created our very first Scrum Board. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Our Scrum Board

Our first Scrum Board

We contacted the Padrino Team to say hello and ask about all the things we shall consider while building a documentation website for the framework.

We identified some technologies we have to learn before getting down to work, like Middleman, Bootstrap/Foundation, Vagrant, Git.

We also decided on the general structure of our work:

  • Doing a daily Stand-Up meeting
  • Weekly planning meeting every Monday
  • Review meeting every Friday
  • Recording our podcast every Friday

We set up an SoundCloud account for our weekly podcasts and SoundCloud directly upgraded it to Pro Unlimited!!! Thank you <3

What Ute says:

It was a great day but overwhelming at the same time. So many things to do and to learn! Finding a way to work together.
It’s easy to get lost in details, if every 5 minutes another topic occurs. And this can be too much for the first day. So it’s better to step back and write the new occured technology down on our bucket list. Creating the Scrum board helped me a lot to stay focused.
We have enough time to learn all the things.

What Magda says:

Wow, it’s 6PM already, the time went by really fast.
Today was a ’setting it all up day‘ and with our Scrum Board behind by back I feel there will be time to take care of all of listed tasks and ideas. It’s really good to have it; it would have been too much, to keep it all only in mind. Still, my head is full 🙂 I’m looking forward to tomorrow, to set up and learn some new tools, we will be using.