Visiting our other Jedi-Temple

Today was the first day at our other Coaching Company SponsorPay.
We meet Arsenia and Kacper at ten, got our KeyCards and found our tables. The awesome collegues of Rails Girls coach Debbie let us sit in their office. So nice! <3 [caption id="attachment_85" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Coach Kacper Coach Kacper[/caption]
After solving the problem with the Wi-Fi that did not wanted to let us in, we had a one hour session with our coach Kacper. He explaned how git works. We had done git-tutorials and used github already before but I must say that I now understand more what is going on and which command does what.

Kacpers sketchnotes about git

Kacpers sketchnotes about git

Around lunchtime I (Ute) had to leave because I had an examn to write at my university. The last two days were a little bit crzay, like doing Summer of Code the whole day and learning a lot of physics in the evenings until bedtime.
Ute's current status after the examn

Ute’s current status after the examn

Magda stayed at our Jedi-Temple (SponsorPay) and wrote a journal for me what she did:

Started to read Matthias Padrino book.
Going through the Middleman tutorial, i got stuck on corrupted gem and that’s how i learned how ruby gems work. I got unstuck and created new repo on github (check it out, Ute) with a learning middleman website to play with git.
I also pimped up my console with oh-my-zsh and intstalled some vim pluggins.

It's magic, isn't it?

It’s magic, isn’t it?

Seems that I have a lot of work to do tomorrow… 🙂