Week 5 Day 1 – A letter to Ataru

Today we held our first proper Ataru design meeting with Jan. We spent over two hours talking about the tool’s functionality. The crucial part is how Ataru will actually test the code samples from the documentation files. It became clear, that this is also the tricky part.

The first idea we had – to connect the code samples to already existing tests for the application –  cannot be realized.
We had to find another way to solve that problem.

It took us quite some time, but finally we came up with another solution, that we’ve shared with our coaches on github, asking for their opinions. They gave their okay. We were proud to have found this solution by ourselves.

At the end of the day, we have learned few very important facts about software developmment:

  • finding a solution to a problem can take time
  • talking helps a lot to find it
  • writing code is only one part of developing a project.