Week 7 – Peregrination

Secret Jedi Super Power - Peregrination

Secret Jedi Super Power – Peregrination

Travelling can open your mind, to new things, new ideas. It can also change the way you see your everyday life. Or give you a new impulse for your work. You should walk along the quiet paths beside the roads once in a while, to give life a chance to gift you with something extraordinary.

We spent some time travelling to different places, met people there, collected a lot of impressions. Spending some time off gave us new energy to work on Ataru und fed our brains with information. When we came back to Berlin we were still the same Padawans, but also a bit different.
The next months we will travel again, to conferences or to meet distant friends. Now that we found this secret power, we can get so much more advantage out of our journeys. <3