Week 8 Day 1 – Ataru needs some new clothes

  • During the week 8 we continue working separately on different issues of Ataru. Magda will describe what she is doing in the next blogpost, so here is what I am looking into this week.

We started with a very simple output for Ataru, literally the standard output of minitest.

Testing Ataru with Minitest

Testing Ataru with Minitest

This output does not tell the user much, Ataru should display more!

Our ideas so far:

  • Display the names of all test methods and if they passed or failed
  • Display the name of the markdown document that is tested
  • Display the code sample, when the test failed

There are some plugins for Minitest, that extend the standard Minitest reporter, but they don’t provide everything. So why not write our own reporter to give Ataru a nice, shiny dress?

What I have done so far: read a lot of code, of Minitest and reporter plugins, trying to understand how they work. The next step will be to write my own reporter plugin for Ataru.