Week 8 – Day 3 – Killing some Bugs!

Our Wallpaper is looking good :)

Our Wallpaper is looking good 🙂


That’s now official – Code Padawan Ute has already gained some more super Jedi powers than those we share every Friday – check out that awesome wallpaper! (I heard you can ask Ute for handy format as well 🙂

Today we did some serious debugging! Well, it was only one bug, the very first of Ataru, but while fixing it we learned quite some things:

  • Kramdown has several parsers and the default one recognizes only code snippets without any line breaks. Github Flavored Markdown parser recognizes, on the other hand, codespans and codeblocks (code snippets including line breaks)
  • to adjust Ataru Traverser class to check for and two argument types, we used Ruby include? method, which according to Kacper, is very useful and widely used
  • we experienced that our test set is actually working – we first got beautiful failures 🙂 and then, we fixed the tests.